Enigmo 2.0.8

Quickly move the droplets to their destination


  • Original
  • Challenging


  • Weak graphics
  • Lack of help

Very good

Enigmo is a fairly original and quite challenging puzzle game where you aim to move streams of liquid across different spaces filled with obstacles. You're give different sorts of tools at every level, such as a sponge, platform or slider to send the fluids from one dropper to another.

This game provides quite a challenge, as you really need to think through the best way to move the water. You often need to adjust angles and arrange where the different tools are placed to be successful. This game does require a good amount of patience but feels oddly gratifying once you manage to move fluids from one space to another.

I was a little disappointed not to find some sort of tutorial at start up, as you're left wondering how to play and make use of the tools. However a bit of testing around and trying and you quickly understand how Enigmo works. The graphics aren't the best you could find, but they're acceptable for a puzzle game.

If you're looking for a different sort of puzzle game then you'll enjoy Enigmo.

Enigmo is a 3D puzzle game where you move various streams of flowing liquid so that the droplets get to their destination. Liquids (water, oil, and lava) fall from "droppers" and will bounce around the walls of a mechanism. You move and rotate into position various types of bumpers, sliders, accelerators, and sponges in order to divert the flow of the falling droplets. The faster you complete each level, the more bonus you will receive.

In addition to the 70 levels (50 normal + 20 kiddie mode) that come with Enigmo, there is also a built-in level editor which allows you to create your own entire games. You can then email these games to your friends to try playing, or even post them to your web site. We expect that as users create their own games and we link to them, there will eventually be thousands of levels for you to download and play with Enigmo!

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Enigmo 2.0.8

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